Periscope To Be The Next Biggest Thing

Like most things social now days, all it takes is a couple of people to catch on, and then everyone is at it. Periscope is one of those apps yet to catch on, but when it does, we expect it to be huge!

Much like Google Hangouts, and a little like Vine, Periscope lets you live broadcast just about anything you are currently doing, from sitting in your front room watching TV, or take a guided tour of London with a local Taxi driver. What makes it different to Google Hangout is that it’s available for iOS and Android mobile’s only, which means most of the time you get to see footage of people out and about, and unlike Vine, this app lets you record infinitely, just as if it was your own personal TV channel.

By no way is this type of thing new to the market, as an app called Meerkat first came to the market in February 2015 which is developed by a company called Life On Air, but as most things Silicon Valley, other companies are quick to jump on the band waggon, hence came Twitter with their Periscope app.

So what does this mean for Digital Marketing? Well just like any social media platform, this app is a great way to promote your business, what you do, or even something a little entertaining to get your watchers engaged in your brand. A lot of top brands such as the BBC and other media companies have already signed up to secure their names on the app for future projects.

So how do you claim your name on Periscope – simply download the app onto any Android and iOS mobile device, launch it, connect to your Twitter account, and that is pretty much it. Once your account is set up you can start broadcasting straight away.

So far it does seem a little quiet, and more American based at the time of writing this post, but we all here at Granulr feel that this is going to be a massive shakeup of the Social Media wars, and this app has some massive potential! We have even had a few thoughts on how to make this app even better, which we have actually emailed across to the developers of Periscope.

For more information on Periscope, visit their website on:

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